Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

The Prevent T2 curriculum is based on the original 2002 DPP trial and follow-up studies. It promotes modest weight loss (5-7%) and increased physical activity through a 12 month lifestyle change program and also reflects new literature on self-efficacy, physical activity, and diet. To Learn more about this evidence-based program,


We offer the Prevent T2 program based on the CDC curriculum

Dynamic Therapy & Wellness delivers this program and has met the CDC Preliminary Recognition in 2018.

First six months of program

Weekly classes begin on                       . Sign up for in-person class today, register at

Participant materials and handouts

Materials and handouts consists of the participant schedule, tools to assist with tracking food, fitness, and weight, and additional resources.

Last six months of program

You must present at least six of these 10 modules during the last six months. Prevent T2—for Life! must come last. Otherwise, there is no required order.


When Weight Loss StallsThis module teaches participants how to start losing weight again when their weight loss slows down or stops.

Take a Fitness BreakThis module teaches participants how to overcome barriers to taking a 2-minute fitness break every 30 minutes.

Stay Active to Prevent T2This module teaches participants how to cope with some challenges of staying active.

Stay Active Away from HomeThis module teaches participants how to stay on track with their fitness goals when they travel for work or pleasure.

More About T2This module gives participants a deeper understanding of type 2 diabetes.

More About CarbsThis module gives participants a deeper understanding of carbohydrates.

Have Healthy Food You EnjoyThis module teaches participants how to have healthy food that they enjoy.

Get Enough SleepThis module teaches participants how to cope with the challenges of getting enough sleep.

Get Back on TrackThis module teaches participants what to do when they get off track with their eating or fitness goals.

Prevent T2—for Life!This module helps participants reflect on their progress and keep making positive changes over the long term. Presented at the last session.

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